Good Neighbor House is committed to making a different in the lives of people who need a helping hand. Our mission, vision, and values reflect that commitment to the under-served in our community.



Good Neighbor House is a nonprofit, faith-based, human development organization that provides health, nutrition, and education services to the under-served through relationships with relevant collaborative service partners.


To provide dental, medical, nutrition, and related educational services to improve the quality of life of the under-served in our community.


  • Guidance – We provide our clients with caring guidance and good information to help them make the best decisions for themselves and their family.
  • Nurture – We empower our clients to move towards independence while actively providing a strong support system for their immediate needs.
  • Humility – We serve our clients with humility and honor as we would hope to be served.
  • Innovation – We actively seek innovative approaches in meeting the challenges we face.
  • Trust – We want our clients to trust in our ability and determination to be good neighbors.
  • Faith-based – As Christians, we offer assistance to those of any religious preference.